BLOSSOM: A Virtues Tale

As Mother Nature wanted her children to grow
she whispered in each one’s ear
a virtue, a quality so they could
blossom with each year.


Rise! chuckled the sun, gliding steadily
Honesty is my quality
Remembering to awaken the world
Always acting responsibly.   


Thank you! graced the mountain, gazing lovingly
Gratitude is my quality
Respecting & thanking everyone
Accompanying me.


Wow! gasped the sky, spreading magnificently
Perspective is my quality
Looking below I see, sometimes a different
view is all you need.

Wind Blowing

Aha! Exclaimed the wind, blowing swiftly
Zest is my quality
Always energizing
The shores, sea, and trees!

trees with fruits

Ssshhhh! whispered the trees, swaying gently
Kindness is my quality
From branch to fruit and flower
Providing to all insects, animals & birdies.

bird flying

Tweet! chirped the bird, flying encouragingly
Curiosity is my quality
Always the one to inhabit new homes
And explore the land leisurely.


Wait! murmured the soil, sitting patiently
Hope is my quality
To empower those who
Sow seeds of belief in me.

raining scenery

Dum Dum! Hummed the rain, falling evenly
Fairness is my quality
I fall on the wet and dry lands alike,
Enriching them graciously.

river flowing

Halt! signaled the river, cautiously
Prudence is my quality
Always knowing my limits and
Treading carefully.

bees on flowers

Buzz! echoed the queen bee, flying dutifully
Teamwork is our quality
All members of our community
Working coherently.

elephants in savannah

Trumpet! announced the elephants, gently
Modesty is our quality
Big in size but warm in heart
We understand how to stand gracefully.

ants on a tree

Grrrr! Cried the ant, staring resolutely
Persistence is my quality
The goal once pre-determined
Must be achieved passionately.

waves crashing on mountain

Whoosh! crashed the ocean, falling gently
Forgiveness is my quality
Even though my friends may misuse me
I must stay pure and give compassionately.

As she listened to all her children
The mother smiled knowingly
For she had instilled those qualities
Which they shouted gleefully.

Then she thought of her special one
The one she would give these & more
Creativity, humor, and courage
So he could be more.

love and creativity

Love! felt the human, breathing deeply
Empathy is my quality
For my Mother trusts me
I care for everyone with love and equality.

This poem is inspired by the 24 Character Strengths and Virtues as identified by Dr. Martin Seligman and his colleagues. It is written so more children and adults can understand their personal strengths and pursue virtues that resonate with them.

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