CPR: The Formula To Thrive In Life

A timeless formula to thrive in life. Backed up with years of research and brought to life with innovative illustrations, it is a practical guide on how to live your best life.

Why I Wrote this Book

The purpose of life is to find your gift
The meaning of life is to give it away

Empathy, the willingness to learn and empowerment – my three core values are so beautifully put in the above quote. They exhibit my core being and the reason behind this book.

I wish to take you upon this journey – which I myself have been on multiple times. Every time life throws a curveball and I am brought to my knees – I use the CPR formula once more to go from survive to thrive.

Life is beautiful. In its ever changing landscape filled with immense joys, deep sorrows, crushing disappointment and unabated possibilities – sometimes a semblance is needed. An anchor to hold on, a structure to fall upon. CPR is that.

A Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are something we experience all the time. Just like any other muscle our emotional muscles can be trained and developed. Emotional Intelligence is the wisdom of our body. It is our capability to regulate our emotions and respond ably to emotional triggers.

My vision is to raise awareness and empower with the knowledge and skill of positive tools and techniques to intentionally create nurturing relationships between parents and children, spouses, friends, colleagues, and yourself.

If you are someone looking for a change or to improve the quality of your life – take the initiative and join me today for a peaceful and happy future.

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