CPR: The Formula To Thrive In Life

The way to being a more calm, happier and successful - YOU!

How will CPR: A Formula to thrive in life, help you:

1. Make You Think
With the back up of years of research this formula will open your mind to what can be possible.

2. Make you Understand
With tons of graphics and information it will explain to you the WHY of emotions and behaviors.

3. Make you Do
With supporting downloadable templates it will give you all the help needed to make a true and long term transformation in your life.

About the Author

Prachi has conducted many workshops for parents, teachers and children on emotional intelligence. She has received much appreciation and love for the same. 

She writes for many online and offline magazines and takes regular training for emotional intelligence at the workplace.

This book is a culmination of her dream to give an easy and practical handbook for anyone to thrive in life. 

Backed with years of research and approached with her unique perspective this formula makes it look all too easy!

Hi, I'm Prachi Bansal. Here is a short video talking about my story ➡️

This e-book is for you if:

  1. You want the feeling of overwhelm to go away
  2. You want to find a way to respond instead of react
  3. You want to feel deeply connected in your relationships
  4. You want to understand yourself better
  5. You are committed to your personal growth
  6. You believe you are worth investing in

What Readers Are Saying

A peek into what industry experts are saying on the book!

Very well written book Prachi There is a great need for books that can help the reader improve their quality of life through simple practical techniques, and your book has done a great job towards this goal.

I liked the way you have brought out the topics in a thought-provoking manner by asking the reader to fill in the questionnaires and the graphics given right there.

The graphics are a very refreshing relief when one is reading serious literature. In my experience Limiting Beliefs have been a great drawback to many people, and an introspection and conscious change can go a long way in enriching life.

I am glad you have demystified this area of human behavior, and have again given good guidance on how we can make a breakthrough.

I feel your book can be very useful for people who genuinely wish to bring about change and growth in their lives. 

My very best wishes for this excellent venture of yours, and I hope it reaches many people who can benefit from it. 

Dr. Ali Khwaja

Founder, Banjara Academy

“CPR is synonymous with a life-saving golden procedure used in Emergency Situations which all of us should be trained in.  Ms. Prachi’s interpretation of ‘CPR’ for Emotions is no less.

This beautifully crafted book has the potential to reach a wide audience, and hand-hold them via simple-to-understand visuals and reflections which will eventually shape their Emotional Intelligence muscle.

Various examples and life experiences highlighted in the book are all relatable, making the techniques practical and easy to implement.

I genuinely wish more and more readers benefit from her book(s) and stay on track with their CPR practice.”

Kirti Sharma

SEL Educator, Founder PsyWithin

In a world of visuals and DIYs, quality content in bite-sized files, Prachi’s CPR delivers well on all these fronts. The genuine intention of the author to help people deal with the clutter in their lives effectively is evident throughout the book.

The content is lucid and relatable, as much as it is meticulous and thought-provoking. It has a good share of credible information all explained so lucidly with DIY worksheets.

I’m certain that this book will have many readers from different paths of life as it’s uniqueness is it’s universality.

Best wishes to Prachi and her entire team on compiling this beautiful e-book.

Aruna P

Educator, Research Scholar, Freelance content writer and voiceover artist

Quite an introspective book, with pictorial explanation using simple language to reach out to people. genuine efforts to make a difference in people’s life. Keep it up Prachi

Sonal Patel

Director Banjara Academy's Gurukul


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