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The Debt Of Love

As Tina inhaled the tepid air,
She uttered a wistful sigh.
She wanted to tell her mother
But couldn’t think of how or why?

She knew her mother loved her
But how could she face?
The disappointed look she would get,
That she was not up for the race.

Her heart spoke of different things-
Of gently finding her own light.
Her dreams were true but distant
And it seemed easier to give up without a fight. 

As Nina glanced at her growing daughter,
She silently sighed.
And hoped to God, she would understand
It’s all about the fight!

Her daughter knew she loved her
And of all her sacrifice,
The plan devised for success
With her guidance and advice. 

But the plan wasn’t working
And every discussion lead to a fight!
Why couldn’t she understand?
That her mother knew what was always right? 

As Mira gazed at her daughter and grandchild
Her heart emitted a cry.
Knowing the truth deep down,
She quietly let out a sigh. 

She wished someone had told her
That a child born is wholesome and true.
They are the mirror to your fears
And you need them more than they need you.

Their purpose most parents think,
Is to make their lineage proud!
What other reason could they have,
Other than to adhere to will and fear clout? 

Cause everything we do for them
Is for their own good, for goodness sake!
And who else, other than them
Could we ask, to pay for our mistake? 

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